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Teacher Training

Resources to train teachers for MTB-MLE programs

Any effective system of instruction requires teachers to be:

  • Proficient in speaking, reading and writing the language(s) of instruction;
  • Thoroughly knowledgeable about the curriculum and how to implement it in the classroom via effective lesson planning;
  • Versed in a variety of instructional and classroom management strategies; and
  • Able to assess and diagnose individual children's performance.

In the context of MTB-MLE, the teacher is additionally required to understand and apply appropriate bilingual education techniques for why and when to use one language over another. The preparation for becoming an effective bilingual teacher may require specialized knowledge, skills and dispositions if the pre-service training program is rooted in a monolingual perspective. This Resource Basket contains information that will be helpful for pre-service instructors and professional development specialists, as well as for teachers themselves.

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