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The information below provides a listing of How To ... articles concerning Policy Setting functions. Each article provides a synopsis of one or more concerns that you can find more information about in the Resources referenced in the synopsis.

Setting MTB-MLE policy versus implementing policy

The distinction between determining education policy versus selecting a policy to implement revolves around the notion of whether there is sufficient information on which to base a policy decision. To determine a policy, it is necessary to accumulate data pertinent not just to the value of various educational models to build achievement levels, but also to assess the extent to which these models are consistent and align with the goals for other areas of govenment concern; such as economic objectives, cultural sentiments, and political realities. The final terms of the policy could be influenced by these extrinsic factors. In selecting an existing policy, however, a decision is made to implement the terms of the policy as stated and then to make other areas of goverment concern conform to the policy. The final policies adopted are typically a combination: starting with some components of existing policies, often set for other countries or other contexts, and then adapting those policies to the current context.

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