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Progress Report on the MTB-MLE Pilot Program for Timor-Leste

Launched in February, 2011 the "MTB-MLE Policy for Timor-Leste" mandated that children in pre-primary and primary grades should be educated in their mother tongue.

As part of the implementation strategy for this policy, the National Education Commission's "Language in Education Working Group" also recommended that a pilot program be carried out in which students were instructed in their mother tongues.

This resource describes the progress that the pilot program, implemented in the Manatuto, Oecusse and Lautem districts, has made during the months of January - May, 2012. 

Education Apps for All Challenge


Taken from the Education Apps for All Website

Interested in developing high-impact apps in collaboration with other educators and content providers?

iLearn4Free recently launched the 'Education apps for All' challenge on September 8th 2012. iLearn4Free is looking for instructional apps that are geared toward learners in elementary grades. 

Graphic taken from the Education Apps for All Website:

Moving towards bilingual education in Mali: Bridging policy and practice for improved reading instruction

In countries with many mother-tongue languages, supporting reading instruction in mother tongue can often seem a daunting task. At school level, teachers and school directors often don't have the linguistic ability or teaching resources to work in more than one mother tongue within a single school. At the district and regional levels, decision-makers often don't have a complete set of data about the mother tongue needs of the schools in their areas and allocating human or material resources to schools is difficult. At national levels, there is often a disconnect between a policy discourse that declares, in principle, that all mother tongues are used, and constrained sector budgets, which do not include sufficient funds to provide teacher training or instructional materials in all the languages of a particular country.

USAID/Mali's PHARE program, a five-year initiative to improve reading instruction in schools in Mali, has sought to address some of these issues through a linguistic mapping study to determine which mother tongue to use as the language of instruction.

"Strong Foundations" and "Good Bridges" in Language Education: What Can We Learn from Current Theories and Practices?

A short paper presented at the National Symposium on Language Issues and Quality Education for Ethnic Minority People, Hanoi, Vietnam, December 3-4, 2008.  

The paper presents a brief overview of current theory and practice on the topic of bridging between languages in multilingual education.

MTB-MLE Network Meeting + Room to Read Presentation on Local Language Reading Materials Development

Nov 29 2011 9:00 am
America/New York

Join the MTB-MLE Network on Tuesday, November 29 for a presentation by Room to Read (RtR) Chief Program Officer Cory Heyman on RtR's work in 10 countries around the world, developing local language materials that are relevant to each country's context, and appropriate and engaging for children’s developing reading skills. Updates and discussions on the work of the MTB-MLE Network will follow the RtR presentation and discussion.


RTI International, 701 13th St NW, Suite 750, Washington, DC 20005


Cecilia Ochoa, 202-640-6654,
Alison Pflepsen, 202-728-2461,

Meeting of MTB-MLE of DC

Sep 13 2011 12:00 pm
America/New York

The MTB-MLE Network cordially invites you to an event in recognition of International Literacy Day (Sept. 8). The event will feature the following:

  • The launch of the web site.
  • A presentation by Dr. Pooja Reddy, of Carnegie Mellon, on “Biliteracy Acquisition in Students from Multilingual Slum Communities in India.”
  • General MTB-MLE Network announcements.

Offices of Save the Children, 2000 L Street NW, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20036


RSVP to Alison Pflepsen.

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