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The goal of the Asia Multilingual Education Working group (MLE WG) is to remove barriers of access to quality education for ethnolinguistic communities through coordination of technical and substantive support to multilingual education initiatives and related policy advocacy throughout the Asia region. For more information about the group, contact Kyungah (Kristy) Bang.

MLE WG Terms of Reference and Priority Areas

The Asia MLE WG has established three Priority Areas of Focus for 2010 and following:

  • MLE Assessment Framework
  • MLE Mapping & Gap Analysis
  • Language and the Millenium Development Goals Conference

Useful Weblinks

There are some useful websites related to MLE in Asia. Feel free to add more! Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education-Philippines: Multilingual Education and India: http://www.mle-india. India National Multilingual Education Resource Centre:

2012 MLE Workshop on Bridging Between Languages in Mother Tongue-Based Education

Mar 19 2012
Mar 30 2012

Plans are moving ahead for the March 2012 workshop on bridging between languages in MTB multilingual education. This workshop, part of a series on planning for strong and sustainable mother tongue-based multilingual education (MTB MLE) programs, will focus on language education. For full details, download the attachment below.


Bangkok, Thailand


Susan Malone ( for information or Isara Choosri ( to register. Please copy Susan Malone when registering.

Past conferences sponsored by Asia MLE WG

Since 2003, the Asia MLE WG has sponsored three important international conferences in Bangkok, Thailand dealing with multilingual education These were:

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