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The examples below highlight useful MTB-MLE Teaching and Learning Materials. Additional examples can be found in the Resources section of the Basket. 

Pacific Resources for Education & Learning (PREL) - Developing Leveled Early Readers

This 15-page how-to guide from an education NGO working in language-diverse education contexts in the Pacific region provides practical advice on how to increase the availability of reading materials for children. The guide covers the purposes for developing materials; ways and methods to develop reading materials; the stages of reading development; and relating the characteristics of text to be developed to the stages of reading development. _________________

Orthography development as an ongoing collaborative process: Lessons from Bangladesh

This presentation by John Clifton describes a model of orthography development as an ongoing collaborative process and shows how it was applied in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. Several languages were involved in this process--one language was previously unwritten, and four had either recently undergone script changes, or were contemplating script changes. These processes were taking place even as community participants were simultaneously involved in producing materials for local preschool programs. __________________

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