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Teaching & Learning Materials

Resources to develop effective instructional materials for MTB-MLE programs

Since MTB-MLE has as one of its main purposes to acquaint students with the principles of reading and then to build actual reading skills, the curriculum needs to develop materials to make this happen. The broad categories of materials needed to implement an MTB-MLE curriculum include early literacy materials in the mother tongue, a variety of on-grade narrative reading materials using the mother tongue, possibly subject-area materials in the mother tongue, materials to transition from the mother tongue into the second language, and then, of course, materials as appropriate for the educational system in the second language. In most cases, appropriate mother tongue materials will be lacking and will need to be prepared. Other educational materials in the mother tongue will likewise have to be constructed by those proficient in writing the language and with appropriate educational backgrounds or experience in constructing learning materials. Likely the most technically demanding skills will be needed to structure the primary literacy materials, since effective materials will require knowledge of how to present the symbol-to-sound rules and the sound-to-meaning conventions for writing the language in a way that aligns with the students' capabilities. This Resource Basket provides an overview of key issues, tasks and examples related to developing teaching and learning materials.

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