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The curriculum is the overall guide for an educational program. It describes what the program aims to accomplish; goals, objectives, and learning outcomes. And it describes how those goals will be accomplished through yearly, term, and weekly plans, and indicators of student progress.

Goals for the Program

The first question that must be asked in education planning is: “What do we want to accomplish?” There are different groups of people involved in education and they may have different perspectives on the goals of education.

Student Learning Outcomes

The goals of the various stakeholders in the education program are made specific through Learning Outcomes.  There should be a set of Learning Outcomes for each grade level that are based on students’ prior knowledge, parent and community goals, established government educational outcomes, and appropriate grade level expectations. 

Instructional Plans and Learning Activities

The list of Learning Outcomes and Indicators of Progress forms the basis of preparing weekly instructional plans.  Teachers and curriculum developers can prepare a timetable chart of the school days and weeks to plan how and when individual lessons will be taught.  Teachers can then use this chart to prepare individual lessons; collecting needed materials and preparing themselves each day and week for upcoming lessons.

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