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Roadmap for MTB-MLE in the Philippines

In May, 2014 the MTB-MLE Network hosted a webinar by Dr. Rosalina J. Villaneza of the Philippines' Department of Education on the implementation of the country’s national MTB-MLE program. The program, which was mandated by the government in 2009, is designed to institutionalize mother tongue-based multilingual education in the country’s early grade education system. It includes advocacy, teacher training, materials development, monitoring and evaluation, assessment, and policy development to enable children from local language communities to develop their mother tongue reading abilities in grades 1 through 3 before transferring their literacy skills to the national languages in grade 4. 
Dr. Villaneza has been a front-runner in the push for mother tongue-based multilingual education in the Philippines and has led various aspects of the country-wide MTB-MLE program. Her presentation materials (see attached) will provide a roadmap for the country’s MTB-MLE program and will highlight specific accomplishments, challenges, lessons learned, and future directions for the initiative.


Villaneza, R. J. (2014). Roadmap for MTB-MLE Program in the Philippines [ PowerPoint slides].
Philippines MTB-MLE Road Map_Rose Villaneva_20 May 2014.pdf1.63 MB

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