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Multilingual Education in Nepal:Hearsay and Reality? A Report

Nepal has an official MTB-MLE policy for early grades with the goal of expanding the implementation of the policy widely within the country. A study of several school districts representing two minority populations in the country found, though, that implementation is weak and inconsistent with an inclination for certain schools to slip back into English or Nepali only instruction. However, where implementation has been steady, positive outcomes in student participation were recorded. A significant issue has been a widespread opinion of parents that mother-tongue instruction is not needed, although children's willingness to stay in school where mother-tongue instruction has been successful, has led some parents to see its value.

Rai, V.S., Rai, M., Phyak, P., & Rai, N., Multilingual Education in Nepal:Hearsay and Reality? A Report, UNESCO, Kathmandu, 2011.

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