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Introduction to Issues and Implications for Children Learning to Read in Multilingual Settings

This report, commissioned through the Education Resource Facility - an initiative funded by AusAID, provides a review of the literature on the most current research and practices surrounding learning to read in a second langauge (L2) and learning through the medium of an L2.

Through identifying specific challenges to learning in a multilingual context, the paper also provides strategies for encouraging successful literacy outcomes in children in such contexts. 
The paper is divided into four sections:
1. Effective practices in MLE
2. Review of the literature on teaching practices
3. The role of texts in literacy education

4. Assessing literacy outcomes
AusAID Education Resource Facility. (2013). Introduction to issues and implications for children learning to read in multilingual settings.
Intro to Issues & Implications for Children Learning to read in ML settings.pdf372.66 KB

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