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Grant Opportunity from Genographic Legacy Fund

The Genographic Legacy Fund has recently released an excellent grant opportunity for projects related to developing and preserving local languages and culture. The deadline is September 15, so there is still time to submit an application!
The following is an excerpt from their website where they describe the type of projects they are looking to fund:
The Genographic Legacy Fund awards grants on an annual basis for community-driven projects directly preserving or revitalizing indigenous or traditional culture.
Funded projects have included documenting a traditional language, oral history, or ceremony; creating culturally specific educational materials and programs; establishing a local museum or archive; intergenerational knowledge sharing; and preserving significant sites and artifacts.
To be eligible for funding, projects must be community-driven and deliver a positive, tangible, and timely benefit that is sustainable after GLF funds have been expended. Projects must also show a strong level of local community involvement in their planning, governance, and implementation. We strongly prefer the project manager be a member of the indigenous community. If the project manager is from outside the indigenous community, he or she must show that they have a strong and well-documented relationship with the indigenous group. Projects that are strictly for research purposes are typically not accepted.
For more information on how to apply, click here

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