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Ending the Hidden Exclusion: Learning & Equity in Education Post-2015

In this report, Save the Children assesses 5 trends in social, economic, demographic, and political change around the globe. Based on this analysis, and on the guiding principles of learning and equity, they propose a new goal for the post-2015 education framework:
Goal: By 2030 we will ensure all children receive a good quality education and have good learning outcomes
1. Ensure that girls and boys everywhere are achieving good learning outcomes by the age of 12 with gaps between the poorest and the richest significantly reduced.
2. Ensure that the poorest young children will be starting school ready to learn, with good levels of child development. 
3. Ensure that young people everywhere have basic literacy and numeracy, technical and life skills to become active citizens with decent employment. 
This new goal aims to not only continue to expand access to education for the millions of children most marginalized by society but also to improve the quality of the education for the "hidden exclusion" of those children who are in school but are not learning. 


Save the Children (2013). Ending the hidden exclusion: Learning and equity in education post-2015. London: Save the Children International Retrieved from:
2013-05-09 - Save the Children - Ending the Hidden Exclusion.pdf1.93 MB

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